Pursue Your Passions with Abandon

Digital Cleanse Day 29:

Pursue Your Passions with Abandon

My advice to pursue your passions is another, deeper layer of your digital cleanse. Too much of our digital lives is stuck in what our jobs require or things we feel obligated to do online. I want to encourage you to pursue your passions at every opportunity. If it’s something you love, then you’ll always have energy for it. Do you know what your passions are? 

If you really have a passion for what you do, the chances are that you’ll be able to survive.” ~ Robin Williams quoted in Hello Canada!

Passions can take many forms. To give you an idea, I’ve opened my Facebook feed to see what my friends are passionate about:

  • Soap making
  • Spring skiing
  • Tiny homes
  • Disneyland
  • Breastfeeding
  • Wine slushies
  • Choral music
  • Star Wars

Some of these are brands with loyal followings. Others, I would call social movements. Still others are just for fun. What thrills you? What fuels your curiosity? What energizes and rejuvenates you? Whatever your answer, you’ll have found your passions.

Ideally your passions become your vocation but we’re not all so lucky! Instead, fuel your soul with the things you love.  You’ll be amazed at how much energy you find to devote to them.

More on the 30 day #digitalcleanse tomorrow. Hope to see you then!

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