from clients

This [social media strategy report] is great to refresh my mind about
all that we talked about and learned from you. Now I see that we are
really just beginning... and to tackle even one little thing at a time
in the recommendations section will help get us moving forward.

Diana Clark

Coastal Sound Music

Even before we sat down, Angela had a good sense of what my needs for social media would be and then she helped me focus on what I can do to create a social media routine that’s simple, easy to manage, and create the kinds of connections I need to grow my social network. I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore by the hype about social media – Angela cut through all that to what’s real.

George Plumley

Just wanted to thank you for your time and insight today. Being new to the social media world, your coaching session really clarified what Twitter is and more importantly, how to leverage its power to build my business. Prior to meeting with you, I was "tweeting" without really knowing what that meant; now I am tweeting with confidence which is already helping me attract new followers and potential clients. A big thank you for sharing your knowledge and tricks of the trade, it is truly appreciated and incredibly valuable!

Heather Kleim

Angela Crocker was my boss. That is a good thing. Her years of experience in marketing has made her my mentor (though I am substantially older than her) and I value her insight. The things I know about Angela is that she is hard working and oh, so loyal. She has a good eye and ear for what people need and can make things happen - she is a can-do kind of woman."

Kimberly Plumley

Publicity Mavens

This has been really quite wonderful. You make [Twitter] so clear in the way you explain things. I’m sure I can do this now.

Danial Neil

Flight of the Dragonfly (Borealis Press)