from students

I really enjoyed your classes, Angela. Very informative and you have wonderful ideas that I feel will be very helpful. Thanks again for your insight!

Maria Green-Andreolli

Thank you for your interesting and informative class at Douglas College this week. Your ideas are excellent and your presentation style is fabulous.

Raenne Schachter

You are amazing, Angela. Thank you! Wow! I so need you.

Jennifer Levers

It was great to meet you and to have had the privilege of learning from you. Thanks!

Nicole Whitman

Thank you! Your class was informative and enjoyable.

Vanessa Lewis

Very informative! I particularly admired your ability to control the room.

Mia Internicola

Thank you for all of your valuable information. I appreciate your style of teaching. I would highly recommend you. 10 out of 10 all the way. Really, really well worth my time and money investment.

Rowena List

Thank you so much. Excellent workshops and so well presented. Despite my very novice skills, I was able to follow and you truly inspired me. Very well done!

Suzie Chamberlain

I liked being walked through the 101 to the 201 even though I had experience [with social media]. It's great to understand how the show gets built. The a-ha moments when things click together - especially how to properly share content - excellent. I much more confident about what to share / not share. Thanks!

Tina Jansen

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. You had a great balance between information and question/answer periods.

Erika Thellis Koch

Thanks for a great session. Gracious and very informative. Negative attitudes well handled as was noisy chatter. Humor and personal stories appreciated.

Phyllis Westhora

Your class really gave me a much better grasp on the power of social media and its potential in business.

Chris Knoll

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