The Digital Cleanse Starts Tomorrow

If you’ve got data overload, you need the digital cleanse.

  • Do you have digital DNA? I do.
  • Do you connect with friends online more often than offline? I do.
  • Do you waste time looking for old files? I do.
  • Do you need technology to do your job? I do.

Blurred woman's hand erasing 010100100101 off a white board. After 25 years on the Internet I had an unwieldy amount of data. I was storing 40,000 hi-resolution photographs, thousands of work files, of presentations, dozens of partly written blog posts, about 450 social network accounts, 700 apps and, for some unknown reason, a raft of university essays leftover from my undergraduate days at Simon Fraser University. I had files stored on multiple hard drives, two mobile devices, several server back-ups and still more in the cloud on Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Few individuals, and even fewer businesses, truly know what information they have available nor where to find it.

Over the last two years, I embarked on a digital cleanse to sort out my digital clutter and organize my information. I’ve learned a lot along the way.

Now, I’m ready to share how I did it.

Starting March 1st, join the 30-Day Digital Cleanse.

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